Facts About Alcohol Poisoning

alcohol poisoining

Drinking alcohol in excesses can be harmful to anyone’s health.  The negative and sometimes lethal result of alcohol poisoning, unfortunately, occur each and every day.  Most seen on campuses of colleges and universities, but also seen in the modern day household; alcohol poisoning is a serious occurrence that holds the risk of being fatal.  But what is alcohol poisoning?  What are symptoms or signs that alcohol poisoning may have occurred?  And what can we do to help somebody who we suspect is a victim of alcohol poisoning?

What is alcohol poisoning?

Alcohol poisoning is when an excess of alcohol is already in the bloodstream, which can lead to emergency situations, including that of possible fatality.

What are symptoms of possible alcohol poisoning?

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning may vary by person, and all of the following signs may not be visible at once.  Some symptoms of alcohol poisoning include, but are not limited to:

*  Mental confusion
*  Irregular or spontaneous breathing patterns
*  Increased anger or violent behaviors
*  Skin has turned clammy, cold or pale
*  Seizures and/or coma

What can I do if I suspect alcohol poisoning?  How can I help?

Just understanding the symptoms and possible signs of alcohol poisoning can be of great service in itself.  There is no need to wait for several of the signs of alcohol poisoning to occur.  When even one sign may occur, don’t be afraid to find help fast.  Calling emergency services as soon as possible is first and foremost.  Then, there are several ways in which to assist the victim of alcohol poisoning until emergency services do arrive.

It is important to keep the victim’s airway open and available for oxygen and breathing purposes.  If the victim begins to vomit, it is best to turn them on their side, so they do not choke while vomiting.  Also keeping the victim warm with a blanket or towel can slow, or keep hypothermia from setting in.

If untreated, what happens to an individual with alcohol poisoning?

*  Could choke on vomit
*  Breathing can slow or stop due to falling asleep or dozing off
*  Permanent brain damage due to lack of oxygen
*  Dehydration from vomiting
*  Seizures due to low blood sugar levels

Being informed, and understanding the symptoms and effects of alcohol poisoning is important for everyone.  If you or anyone you know is suffering from alcoholism or even moderate alcohol abuse, it is best to contact a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center immediately.  Feel free to talk to your struggling friend and/or family member about your concerns, and offer to assist them in taking the right steps to recovery.  It’s never to late to join a rehabilitation program.