In my 30+ years as a therapist in San Diego, working with individuals, couples and families, I’ve had the pleasure of helping so many wonderful people.  Here are some of what my current and former clients and colleagues have said about my work.

Many years ago, a dear friend of mine referred me to David.  At that time David helped me through some incredibly challenging times.  Not only was I facing martial issues, but also, I was carrying a 20+ year load of personal difficulties from my childhood.  The first few months were extremely difficult for me to open up and feel safe.  David was patient, kind, compassionate and understanding to my needs.  With this type of care, it made it very easy for me to talk about very difficult subjects I hadn’t discussed with anyone.  He never made me feel that we were on a time schedule when I attended my appointments.  A quality I appreciated as I have been to several other therapists that made me feel the clock was ticking. 

Over the course of several years, David worked with, supported and guided me into transforming my life.  With this transformation, I found my personal relationships developing on a different level.  Better quality of friends, removing people that did not bring out the best in me.  The greatest transformation was in my professional life.  Being able to resolve past issues in my life I found the confidence to excel in my professional world. 

In recent years, at a different phase in my life, I once again relied on David’s trusting counsel to guide my family through some of the most challenging emotional, psychiatric and relational crises.  David guided me once again with his patient, kind and understating to my needs.  Our family has the ability to choose any professional in the region.  David without question, is one of the leading therapists in the area and I recommend him without qualification.


Former Client

David was referred to my husband and I in a time of marital crisis from a trusted friend through our church. We had appointments with two other therapists prior to meeting David and they were not the right fit – one took my side, the other took my husbands side and we really wanted someone who was “team us” from the beginning. The first time we sat down with David he said, “I have a bias. And that is that you stay married.” It was the perfect beginning to a long road of recovery.

We were dealing with death, loss of a job, loss of self worth, an affair and a marriage that was completely broken. David walked us through the steps we needed – one at a time, the layers pulled back and we were able to communicate in ways we had never done in 15 years of marriage. We worked hard to regain the self-understanding we needed to recommit to one another and fight for our marriage and our family.

Because of our trust in David, when it came time to help my mom, who had struggled with alcoholism for decades, we turned to David for guidance with intervention services. When I sat down with David, I had zero expectation that we could actually help her. David worked with our entire family to plan a loving and successful intervention and surprisingly my mother agreed to go to a 90 day rehab facility and admit that she needed serious help. It was David’s kind and gentle manner in which he talked with our family that aided in this miraculous self discovery my mother had. She is ten days from coming home from rehab as I write this and I have been re-introduced to a mother I thought I lost years ago.

It is hard to explain what we feel in terms of our gratefulness towards David and his help. It never feels like a “job” working with him. It feels like we are talking to a life long friend who is cheering us on with those foam fingers and pom poms from an audience on the daily. He has a way of putting things into perspective that are at a total loss for me and it has changed the lives of literally every person in our family.

I sit here today so thankful, so grateful, so overwhelmed with love in my heart for the strides that we have all made with David’s help. He has a gift, he is a gift!


Current Client

I have been a client of David’s off and on for 30 years now! I have realized that every now and then I can let things in my life get off the rails. David helps me get back on track! 

I can say with all certainty that he has helped me improve the quality of my life. He has also helped family members and friends. 

As a therapist he has a unique talent of combining his professional skills along with a personal touch that lets you know immediately that you are safe with him. He provides a safe harbor where your worries/fears/burdens etc. can be dealt with in confidence.


Current Client, Carlsbad Ca

David and I have worked together for many years finding the very best treatment options for his intervention clients. His 30 years of work as a licensed therapist and decades of experience as an interventionist place him at the top of his industry. His clients can absolutely trust that they are in the hands of one of the finest interventionists in the country. I would recommend him without qualification.

Kurt Garbe

Placement Specialist

I’m very grateful to Mr. Christopher for the help he has been providing our family. Not only has he helped us work through some difficult issues, but he’s also a very nice man and extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a great therapist in the San Diego area.

Patricia M

Oceanside, Ca

My husband and I have been seeing David for a while and I can’t recommend him highly enough. He is definitely one of the best therapists in Solana Beach or even San Diego County for that matter. He’s very easy to talk to and we have made great strides in getting our relationship back in a good place. If you need a good marriage counselor or just need someone to talk with about stress or depression issues, definitely give David a call at San Diego Therapists.

Hanna C

Solana Beach, Ca

David Christopher has been a godsend to our family. He directed and helped facilitate a successful intervention for a close family member and was caring and responsive throughout the process. He also has worked with a adolescent family member for several months and has shown caring, compassion and professionalism throughout the process. As a therapist myself I would highly recommend his services particularly for any family dealing with substance abuse issues

Melissa D

San Diego, Ca

“David is an excellent therapist and very easy to talk to. He helped me and my husband and I can’t recommend him highly enough.”



I’ve been going here for several months for individual therapy sessions and I’ve made great progress on some depression & anxiety issues. David can help with individuals, couples, just about anyone who needs to talk with a professional therapist. I highly recommend them.

Serena W

Encinitas, Ca

We’ve seen several therapists over the years but none have helped to bring more positive changes to our relationship than David. He is very present, compassionate, and empathetic. He knows how to get to the real issues at hand and helped guide us in a positive direction for our relationship. I feel were in a great place now and have David to thank for it.

Leo H

La Jolla, Ca

A great marriage counseling service and a very affordable rate. He listened to the problems that we had and gives an honest opinion and helped us move past a lot of the issues that were causing problems in our relationship. I highly recommend David for marriage counseling services!

Paul T

Carlsbad, Ca

My husband and I were on the path to divorce until I got in touch with David and we started counseling. Now our relationship is as strong as ever. I’m so grateful for David and the help he provided us.


Del Mar, Ca

I was struggling with all sorts of personal issues including drugs and alcohol. I couldn’t find a way through it. Now I feel like I’m doing much better and I have David to thank.


San Marcos, Ca

These descriptions are intended only to provide information about the activities and experience of our therapy services and should not be understood as a guarantee or assurance of future success in any matter. The results portrayed were dependent on a variety of facts and circumstances unique to the particular matters described.