Marriage & Relationship Counseling

In my twenty-five years providing marriage counseling and couples therapy, I have been privileged to be part of rebuilding marriages, strengthening families and rediscovering lost love. I have helped couples work through loss of trust, extended periods of distance, sexual difficulties, loneliness, and more. When couples make saving their marriage their highest priority, they begin to express compassion, rediscover curiosity, and communicate without fear or judgment. Hope, closeness, and trust are rebuilt

My approach to marriage counseling is straightforward and down to earth.  We will build on the strengths you have as a couple instead of focusing on weaknesses. Because we work collaboratively, our focus will be on developing productive communication:  What do you love in your relationship?  What drives you crazy?  What makes you sad? You will learn to listen to your spouse without anxiety and to open up with confidence.

I am delighted to be invited into a marriage to help build and strengthen it. I don’t give up on commitments, having been married 30 years, run several marathons, been awarded a patent and more. I will bring that same level of persistence to our work together. I am a steadfast partner in solving complex problems regardless of how difficult or challenging they might be.

Your relationship is, quite simply, your most valuable asset. Over the years I have worked with couples who have overcome bankruptcy, endured the profound loss of a loved ones, reshaped their professional lives or nurtured each other through frightening illness. Having a relationship that is built on a healthy foundation helps to make sure this relational asset is well managed for the difficult times. As a trusted family therapist and marriage counselor I have provided marriage counseling for twenty five years to our community. If you are dealing with challenges, you want someone helping you who is experienced and has a demonstrated track record of supporting couples as they work to grow closer.

Couples Counseling

Even unmarried couples who are struggling with relationship issues can benefit from counseling.

Whether communication and intimacy issues are ever present and affect you as a couple or individual emotional struggles lead to repetitive patterns that sabotage and damage day to day interactions, a realization must be made that it does not have to be this way. While habits are tough to break, it is definitely possible to change ourselves, our thinking and thus change the relationships around us.

In therapy, couples and individuals gain new perspectives and learn more effective ways of correcting the interactions and patterns that lead to us to frustration, hurt, and misunderstandings. Through changing and improving the outlook and perspective about the world around you, many sources of negative feelings are resolved and things start to change for the better. I enjoy counseling couples and helping them find a solid path forward in their relationship so it can continue to grow and be productive for years to come.