Carlsbad Teletherapy – Online Marriage Counseling Sessions

The idea of having a Marriage Counselor available online came about as the world began moving away from brick-and-mortar therapists and talking more about the need for social media support for mental health.

Marriage Counseling is becoming more and more popular nowadays, one of them being Virtual Marriage Counseling. Virtual marriage counseling is when a professional therapist is able to help you from afar using methods such as video chat. The counselor will assist you in your relationship, whether that be one on one or with multiple individuals at once. The counselor also offers advice through written word at times, even being able to recommend self-help books to supplement his/her guidance.

Online Marriage Counseling vs. In Person Marriage Counseling:

Although there are various benefits, the use of video chatting does come with a few drawbacks. For example the image, or lack of image quality, may be distracting as well as make it difficult to see if the therapist is indeed engaged in conversation. Also there are also certain situations in which it may be inappropriate for you to use video chat (i.e. if your children are present). It’s not always possible for a counselor to provide assistance in such cases because it would be inappropriate for them to discuss something that a third party would not want talked about with them.

Furthermore: Even though it is very inconvenient to travel to a place just for marriage counseling, it is much more personal and allows the participants/counselors to better connect with one another. This type of counseling can also be very intensive and helpful with the use of specific activities such as role-playing and dolls.

What virtual marriage counseling would lack in the form of physical contact, it can make up for by being able to be used from the comfort of your own home. The dependability of this method lies in the fact that it does not have any restrictions regarding location or time, making it very easy for people who could not find a counselor at a specific time or place due to either inconvenience or cost.

Overall the use of virtual marriage counseling is a great option for those with the time and difficulties of finding a counselor.